experience is the best teacher

The Latin tag experientia docet, experience teaches, gave rise to a large number of proverbs. There is no standard form, and the sayings given below illustrate the themes that ‘one learns (also, fools learn) by experience’ and that ‘experience is a hard teacher’. See also experience keeps a dear school.

a 1568 R. ASCHAM Schoolmaster (1570) I. 19 Erasmus..saide wiselie that experience is the common scholehouse of foles.

1618 N. BRETON Court & Country B4 Let ignorance be an enemy to wit, and experience be the Mistris of fools.

1670 J. RAY English Proverbs 86 Experience is the mistress of fools. Experientia stultorum magistra. Wise men learn by others harms, fools by their own.

1732 T. FULLER Gnomologia no. 1484 Experience teacheth Fools; and he is a great one, that will not learn by it.

1856 F. M. WHITCHER Widow Bedott Papers xxix. I..dident know how to do anything as well as I do now... Experience is the best teacher, after all.

1874 G. J. WHYTE-MELVILLE Uncle John I. x. Experience does not make fools wise... Most proverbs are fallacious. None greater than that which says it does.

1962 Infantry Nov.-Dec. 26 Experience is a hard teacher, and we cannot afford to learn on the battlefield what should be taught during normal training.

2002 Washington Post 11 Jan. C10 Whoever said ‘experience is the best teacher’ got it right—as you can certainly testify.

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